• Abigail Dillon

Client Spotlight: Frozzys® Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

There's nothing better than bumping into some client branding when out and about enjoying your normal, non-freelance copywriting life. Exactly this happened to me recently.

I was walking my beloved (albeit high maintenance) Labrador, Jasper, at a delightful location close to home which has an on-site cafe. Midday dog walking - freelance life at it's best. In true Surrey style, I stopped post-walk for coffee and a scone and, to my absolute pleasure, I noticed a Frozzys logo. In case you don't know, Frozzys is a nutritious and delicious frozen yogurt treat for dogs which packs a serious punch of vitamins, minerals and other dog-friendly goodness, whilst being the perfect treat for mental stimulation and cooling after walks *plug*.

Having worked with the brand for 6 months, I simply had to make an immediate purchase and bombard my Jasper with all the knowledge I have of Frozzys - not that he was listening much with his muzzle deep in the pot.

The team at Frozzys have had a busy 6 months; expanding their flavour offering, rebranding and repositioning their treats and expanding their marketing across web, exhibition and social media platforms.

Initially brought on board to compose their press releases to cover aforementioned activity, I went on to work with the brand on content for their recently relaunched website and scripting for the brand new video, as well as some blog and infographic work. Frozzys made it clear that whilst they take the nutrition and enjoyment of their products very seriously, they also wanted to inspire customers to see the fun side in treating their dogs, and reflect that best-friend relationship that many dog owners have with their pooches.

Frozzys are a great company and brand, injecting fun, passion and life into the dog treat market. With an authentic background story and positive intentions of supporting dog nutrition, stockists across the UK are snapping up the chance of having Frozzys as part of their offering.

Find out more at!

And of course... here's Jasper enjoying his own pot :)

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