In order to understand your company, its vision and its brand in detail, we will go through a client questionnaire during our initial consultation. This will give me everything I need to know regarding your image, your voice, what you do and who else does it, what you offer, what messaging is already out there and, ultimately, what you need and how I can help you.


As cliché as it sounds, it's true that no two projects are the same. So although there are some indications on services and pricing below, it's always best to get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.



Marketing Consulting

Competition is fierce. How are you heard over the noise? Knowing what you want to say is one thing, but what is your plan to get in front of your customers? Unfortunately, marketing as a function is often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity, which drives a viscous circle of missed opportunities and stale sales. I can work with to create simple yet effective marketing strategies to maximise your content and engagement efforts and deliver real results. 

Marketing Consulting POA

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Web Design

Website Content

Your website is without a doubt the single, most important marketing tool you have. A poor website does not reflect well on your brand. I offer writing and rewriting services to transform your website into a selling platform - speaking directly to your target audience, representing your brand and values and driving leads and enquiries, whilst complying with basic search engine optimisation principles.

Basic 3-4 page website from £700 | Complex sites, 5+ pages from £1000

Blog Posts & Blog Management

Blogs are the opportunity for you to show your customers the people behind your brand and your expertise in the field. They build trust between you and your customers, drive traffic to your website and establish you as an authority figure in your industry. I also offer blog management services, to ensure consistency and routine with your posts, which encourages repeat visits and interest generation.

Blog posts from £150.00 | Blog management POA

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Colorful Pamphlets

Company Literature

It's important to have hard copies of company information, whether it's for use in meetings, at exhibitions or around the office. Product brochures, flyers, presentations and infographics all need to be on brand, detailed yet concise, and treated as a sales tool for selling your products and services to your customers. I can work directly with your graphic designer to achieve this.

Pricing from £50.00 / hour

PR & Advertising

Formal and factual press releases couldn’t be more at an opposite end of the spectrum from irreverent and witty advertising campaigns. However, I can adapt voice, tone and language to provide content and copy for all aspects of public relations and advertising which can reach a wider audience through dedicated media channels. I can also assist with PR distribution and maximising engagement.

Press releases from £150.00 | Advertising POA

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Video Production


Presentations, infographics, case studies, testimonials, internal memos, video/audio scripts, product descriptions etc. The opportunities for writing are endless and adaptable and I can support you on a variety of communication projects. I also offer proofreading and editing services.

Pricing from £50.00 / hour